Gaff E and Fashion Kunt talk Lizard Tittts.

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

 Your latest tune, ‘Strippin it & Treatin it’ is about your doo, which changes colour on a regular basis. How would you describe the current condition of your hair?

Somehow it remains thick and strong. I’m super healthy (which helps) and other than ‘frying’ my hair every time I do the roots, I am good to it too and give it treatments and oils.

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Where did the Figs in Wigs get their outfits for the video?

From my designer friend in London,  Jylle Navarro. I am very inspired by her first collection of these woolen monster creatures.

Can you tell me about Mega O Mega and the Planet of the Unicorns? How did the collaboration between yourself, Ylva Falk, Drugmoney and Thomas Bullock come to fruition? What’s the future plans together?

We are from the planet Mono Ceros. MEGA Ω MEGA is my ultimate collaboration between fellow extraterrestrial beings; Ylva, Dmoney and Thomas. We recorded our album recently in New York. Our plan is to release it this year and tour the biggest cosmic stage show yet with our message of style, love and freedom.

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Describe the most ridiculous thing that happened to you while you were touring in New York?

When a dude who was dressed as the Cookie Monster at Time Square asked my stage partner Ylva for a hug. During this motion, Cookie monster rubbed himself against her and whispered in her ear- “oh yehhhh you so sexy, kiss me mama”


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Where do you shop? Which has been your best fashion discovery recently?

I shop around the planet on my travels. I mostly thrift. Flea markets are the best. Otherwise, I would recommend the labels Desert Designs and Isolated Heroes (you can find them both online) for amazing designs and cuts


Do you ever leave the house wearing an ensemble of only black?

No, not even to a funeral.

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Describe the last time you saw a set of lizard tittts, who did they belong to?

My great friend Emma Maye (Betty Grumble) in our show we did together on the weekend and not because her tits are ‘scaly’ or ‘lizard-like’, it is rather that she is free enough to get them out, bare them proud in public and shake em around like they are any bit of her anatomy (how it should be). THAT is the definition of Lizard Tittts.


What was the last piece of music you listened to?

An amazing mix by Albion Venables called Astronomix X. I HIGHLY recommend it.

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